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Sight Words


Sight Words are words that the class is able to proudly recognize, read, and spell. Each week I will introduce two or three new words to practice and add to our word wall. The class reviews all these words weekly through their own writing, games, and word hunts around the room. Please review these words with you child at home as much as possible.



Week One: I, a

Week Two: the, it

Week Three: is, in, out

Week Four: to, at



Week One: and, go, like

Week Two: me, my

Week Three: we, you, are

Week Four: she, he



Week One: see, be, play

Week Two: get, can

Week Three: no, yes



Week One: was, on

Week Two: up, down

Week Three: for, am



Week One: away, big, come

Week Two: find, funny, help

Week Three: here, jump, little

Week Four: look, make, not



Week One: run, said, where

Week Two: all, will, but

Week Three: came, did, do

Week Four: eat, good, have



Week One: into, must, went

Week Two: now, our, please 

Week Three: with, ran, ride



Week One: soon, that, there

Week Two: they, this, too

Week Three: under, want, well

Week Four: who, pretty, ate



Week One: new, what

Week Two: saw, say, so

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